What you should do when someone flirts with your partner

Something as generalized as ‘flirting’, understood in its slightest sense, can nevertheless be a source of problems if it is poorly processed. Learn to understand it in a positive way

“You know it’s ridiculous to be jealous, because all they’re doing is talking. And even so, you perceive that your partner is being flattered by the attentions of that strange person and it hits you. No one can deny that being treated as if you were special, fun, sexy and intelligent is an ego rush, but when it is your partner who receives the attention, and not you, the effect can be disturbing. So describes Susan Krauss With bourne in his article “What to do when someone flirts with your partner, or worse” that common situation for which almost everyone has ever been, being on one side or another.

It is that moment in which a person who has always presumed not to be jealous and who believes that he can trust his partner is face to face with his insecurities, feels offended without being able to express it clearly (because it could be ridiculous and the defense the other is simple) and you have to rethink things you thought you were clear about yourself and your relationship: Am I really jealous? Can I really trust him / her? Have you got bored of me? In this respect, something as generalized as ” flirtation ” understood in its slightest sense can nevertheless be a source of problems if it is poorly processed. If it is understood positively, on the other hand, it may also provide us with important learning and a greater understanding of ourselves. If you are interested in designs for couple, you can see more in matching couple outfits.

Flirting, something innate in people

The certain thing is that to consider that something goes wrong simply because your partner flirtee is like thinking that something goes badly because the earth revolves around the sun. In a recent study entitled ‘ What Social Science can tell you about flirting and how to do it’  (‘What can science tell you about flirting and how to practice it’) published by the SIRC (Social Issues Research Center) reflects that ” flirting is much more than a simple moment of fun, it is a universal and essential aspect of human interaction. The anthropological study shows that flirting is found in all societies and cultures of the world: it is a basic instinct and part of nature: if we did not initiate contact and express interest in members of the opposite sex, we would not progress towards reproduction and we would become extinct . According to some evolutionary psychologists , flirting can be the foundation of civilization as we know it. ” Thus, as another similar article indicates, “after centuries and centuries of practicing it indiscriminately, flirtation has become instinctive even when its primary objectives have already been fulfilled”.

I’ve had thousands of scenes of jealousy for that nonsense that in the end is nothing more than a vitality trait

Does this behavior indicate that the person who practices it is trying to be unfaithful or have a problem of sex addiction? Not necessarily, although, of course, it does not directly indicate otherwise. “I remember my father flirting all his life,” recalls Andrea , a journalist, “and my mother seeing it as something inevitable, which almost made her grace within limits. Of course they were not attempts to flirt, but rather a mild, playful and almost indiscriminate thing that was aimed at reaffirming, to be admired and to gather energy in that process. And to have fun, I suppose. He was a somewhat older person already, but he had great appeal, and I guess everyone likes to remember from time to time that attractiveness works. It is self-esteem in vein. For the rest, they never had a problem of infidelity in 40 years of marriage , as far as I know. “

That would be the flirtation that experts consider to be normal , although from that moment on, a sympathetic partner is needed. “It’s hard to find,” reflects Andrea. “I am like my father, and my partners have never been as understanding with that trait of character as my mother was. I’ve had thousands of scenes of jealousy for that nonsense that in the end, for me, is only a feature of vitality. “

Flirting can be positive or negative. 

Fight flirting

Can an almost anthropological trait be attenuated, modified or eliminated? Experts agree that, in cases where it does not indicate a more serious underlying problem, such as an addiction to sex , the flirting person should be able to modify such action if he wishes or is required to do so. “I spoke with my wife,” says Juan, a lawyer, “because it always bothered me that he did it, although I fully trust him. It was something visceral. It bothered me. Now he controls it much more, but sometimes I feel guilty because who am I to function as a policeman in these things? I wish it had come out of her, I would not have had to tell her. “

Article Krauss seems, however, putting things in a dynamic of crime / punishment in which hardly consider that flirting can not be a transgression, and cites a study from the University of South Alabama where the psychologist Keri Jones is asks how you can learn to overcome the feelings of “guilt and having been deceived” that may come associated with this “variant of betrayal”. Leaving aside for another moment the discussion on the extent to which something so interwoven in our essential behavior may or may not be considered ” betrayal “, it is noteworthy that the study divides the “necessary” forgiveness into two types: the positive and the negative. In the first, you can observe the situation and your partner without feeling resentful or angry; in the negative,you seek revenge and your emotional life is filled with confusion. “In other words,” he concludes, “negative forgiveness is not forgiveness at all.”

An authorized social custom

It is interesting to return later to the IRC study, which treats the subject with a milder humor and a more open perspective and which points out truths such as “flirting is more socially acceptable at parties , celebrations and other social events. In some of them, a degree of flirtation is not only socially authorized, but even expected . ” He also emphasizes that “like any other human activity, flirting is governed by a complex set of laws not written on the label.” Understanding these rules can, without a doubt, be useful so as not to provoke in our partner all those feelings of insecurity and doubt that we talked about. In this regard, it is interesting to know that, according to these same experts, “men find it particularly difficult interpreting the more subtle clues of female body language and tend to confuse friendly behavior with a sexual interest. ” Let make a new impression with your partner by having matching couple outfits.

Sometimes I feel guilty because who am I to function as a police officer in these things?

“Well,” reflects Andrea, “maybe there is not much difference between a friendly behavior and a sexual interest on some occasions. The hard part is knowing when and when not. And also know when, although there is a sexual interest , it is better to keep it there frozen, at least for a while. There is a certain pleasure in that. Flirting is partly about that. Who does not have good friendships for years with whom you know that there has always been an unresolved sexual tension? ” Probably, she is lucky, despite everything, to have been born in an environment of refined customs and nothing moralistic, since, as the study indicates, “another problem is the bad reputation that flirtation has acquired in some especially Puritan cultures like the English or the American, making some of us so worried about a possible offense or sending the wrong signals that we have completely lost our capacity for an enjoyable and innocent flirtation. “

The 9 things that a couple should never do (if they want to last)

The guarantee for relationships to be maintained over time resides in the attitude of the lovers, not only with respect to the other, but also with respect to oneself

In the beginning of a relationship everything is rolled. There are still no obligations, you are dying to see that person again, you only know their positive side  -or, at least, you have no interest in looking at the bad- and you usually only share moments of enjoyment. However, as time progresses that inevitable point comes in which we must take a step forward and stabilize the relationship or, instead, leave everything in the air and the moments together are diluted to finish distancing each other .

In those cases in which it is decided to formalize the relationship is when the real challenge begins , since that is where it is decided to build a common project and share more than moments of pleasure. The success or failure of couples may depend, to some extent, on external factors, but the guarantor for it to be maintained over time resides in the attitude of the lovers , not only with respect to the other, but also with respect to oneself and to the aforementioned external agents. The story of the perfect half-orange with which everything will work like a charm because there is full compatibility does not exist.

Obsessing with each one doing 50% will only generate conflicts and that is more aware that what is done or not done

This does not mean that there are couples in which they seem perfect for each other. Maybe they can have more affinity than usual, but the truth is that they have been able to reach agreements to get the relationship flow in the good times and relativize the bad. It is these small acts that allow them to live day by day in a more harmonious way. Some of these tips are collected by ‘Prevention’ in an interesting article.

Children are not the only thing

It is not uncommon when the children are born, couples focus all their efforts on them. The youngest should be an important part of the family, but you should also take time to take care of the love relationship between one and the other. “The weekly schedule should not be limited only to classes, extracurricular activities and sports of our children,” says Lana , a mother convinced that we must keep the flame of the couple even if there are children involved.

They do not obsess about sharing equally

If you go out for a drink on Friday, you do not have to touch the other the next day. If you wash the dishes for a week, the other does not have to do it for the next few days, etc. Obsessing with each one doing 50% will only generate conflicts and that is more aware of what is done or not done. The important thing is that each one gives his best . “There is no scale to measure a happy relationship, couples should want the best of each other,” say the authors of the book “Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts” (Zondervan, 2006), Les and Leslie Parrot .

They are not ignored

Affection is usually presupposed in a relationship, but it must also be demonstrated . Small details such as saying good morning, kissing or caressing when one is, or not, decayed are basic in the day to day. No matter how hackneyed the saying “the touch makes love”, the truth is that it holds a great truth.

They do not wear helmets, but it’s a pretty, pretty picture, of course. (iStock)

They do not look for the best moment

It is clear that the professional career and work obligations reduce the time for one. This absence of time must be multiplied by two when it comes to finding spaces in common in a couple, even more so if there are children involved. It is not always easy to find a moment to unleash passions, but we must be aware that the favorable situation must be sought and provoked , because it is not always easy for it to arrive on its own. It is essential that everyone does their part, because there may be months left until the desired getaway can be made to a rural house lost by the hand of God. 

They never make fun of each other

The jokes and humor can be a generator of good vibes in couples, but as long as these do not turn into sarcasm. The mockery, in addition to not sit well that is the object of it, often mask frustration or resentment . “This behavior never ends well,” says Mary , a woman who has been married to her partner for 17 years.

Do not criticize your partner

It is clear that constructive criticism is one of the best ways to get to know each other and reach common ground, but the prestigious author and psychologist John Gottman is clear that it has nothing to do with criticism with being critical with the couple .

The mockery, in addition to not sit well that is the object of it, often mask frustration or resentment of each other

The first is to start from a particular fact to explain an uncomfortable situation, the second is a general complaint, harmful and unsubstantiated. “It is not the same to tell your partner that you are worried because he has arrived late and has not called you, to abrogate him for what happened saying he does not think he is forgetful, but selfish because he does not think of you,” says Gottman.
They do not compare
“Marta has given this beautiful bike to Marcos, you do not give me those gifts”, maybe the example is somewhat exaggerated, but the reality is that it is not uncommon to resort to comparison to criticize the functioning of a relationship. The comparison does not have to be negative, but it should not be abused in relation to external agents. Each couple has their own rules and particularities, so it is smarter to compare oneself to another previous moment and look at how the relationship itself has evolved, rather than that of others.
They not only have affection for children
For a father, his children are his most precious treasure and his love is tremendously rewarding , but just as all the efforts of a couple should not focus on the activities of their children, neither should be reserved all the affection for them. Parental-filial love should never displace the couple.
Do not get stressed by discussions
Discussing is not something appetizing, of course, but it is not uncommon for a couple to have their pluses and minuses. A common mistake is to give more importance to these moments than they really have. There is no partner who can endure that each shock becomes a crisis that can end the relationship. If we stop to think, how many disputes are really important? In a healthy environment, friction must be seen as something typical of coexistence and, sometimes, it is not necessary to seek a solution. It is basic to detect the real problems and relativize the small disagreements.

30 things you should do with your partner at least once in a lifetime

We want to break the mold and that’s why we tell you what are the 30 things you should do with your partner now!

Photo: Cheesiness

Now that you are living the best love story in the world, it is time for you to reflect on all those things that you have shared with the love of your life. It is normal that, when falling into routine, the unique experiences are forgotten or go to the background; However, this day we want to break the mold and that is why we tell you what are the 30 things you must do with your partner at least once in your life. You will all love it!

1. Cooking together. This experience is, without doubt, one of the most enriching your relationship. At the moment of combining ingredients they will enter a fun, delicious and full of contrasting flavors. Take a recipe you like, open a bottle of wine and … cooking has been said!

2. Talk all night. It is super common that, when you are barely knowing your partner, there is nothing more beautiful than spending a whole night to talk, get to know each other and tell each other the funniest experiences of your life. You will love it!

3. Go on a trip. Set aside a weekend to visit a small town or an enigmatic destination, it is essential! The coexistence and the desire to know the traditions of another place will cause them to build precious memories about their relationship. Try it!

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

4. Eat in bed. Yes! After a day of work or multiple responsibilities, the best way to relax is hidden in a pizza and the comfort of your bed or yours. Forget the disaster they will do and focus on enjoying that romantic and casual meal.

5. Read the same book. Although it seems the most ñoño of history, sharing the experience of reading will not only increase their levels of culture, but will allow them to meet at another level. Once they have finished, set aside an afternoon to discuss it and listen to their opinions. It will be the best!

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6. Do a marathon of your favorite series. With all the digital facilities that there are to watch television, all they need is to choose a new series that they die to see and allocate an hour every day to follow it. Of course, it is not worth seeing chapters separately … They have to be together!

7. Go to museum tour. Culture is fundamental in a relationship, as is sharing experiences with that person you love. To make your union stronger every second, set aside one Saturday morning to go to the historic center (or another destination) and visit the museums or exhibitions that you like the most. They will be able to finish their afternoon with a delicious coffee.

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8. Tell your most intimate secrets. As you well know, in a relationship trust is paramount. If there is still something your boy does not know, tell him! This will help them break down barriers and get to know each other more deeply.

 9. Walk and kiss in the rain. As if it were a Hollywood movie, this experience is one of the favorites of all brides. There is no more: the environment is perfect in itself.

 10. Dress the same, at least one day. Copying the style among you is a great and very fun idea. In addition, they will captivate the eyes of those who see them in the street. Nor need to fall into ridicule, only in those details that make them similar. Discover the 20 things you can do to make you and your husband the best friends 

11. Exercise together. Couples who go to the gym or do some daily routine, have better benefits in their health and their relationship. You can share a very special and super healthy moment.

 12. Take a long trip. What do we mean? Plan a trip to some distant destination and let them die to know: Greece, Italy, London, a tour of Europe … There is no limit! Make budgets, choose the hotels and take lots of photos!

13. Participate in altruistic or community activities. Do you know of any initiative that supports unprotected people? Join! Sharing your love with other people will make them grow, mature and experience new ways of union among you.

14. A super elegant dinner in a restaurant that you do not know. Do not worry about the expense you are going to make, and better focus on trying delicious dishes, flirty drinks and admire an atmosphere completely foreign to yours.

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 15. See a sunrise. The dawn is the perfect setting to show your love, in full harmony with nature. Definitely, they have to do it! Take note of the 10 things that every woman should do before getting married 

16. Have a pet. If you do not want to buy, adopt a puppy! There is no better experience than having the perfect company of such a special animal. They will never regret this decision. Take note of the 8 reasons that will convince you that getting married young is the best thing in the world .

17. A day without technology. At least choose a day to forget about work, cell phone and Facebook. Concentrate only on enjoying yourself, relaxing and living without pressure.

18. Night walks. Feel protected walking hand in hand with the love of your life. Forget for a second of the car and let the romanticism of the night envelop your magical love story.

19.Give yourself flowers. So, as a surprise, choose a day to surprise your boy with a flower arrangement at work. Believe it or not, men are fascinated by this type of romantic surprises.

20. Take a course together … Whatever! Do you like art? Do you love wine? Do you want to speak another language? Anything that comes to mind is good, as long as they do it together. There is nothing better!

21. Take some beautiful photos. Clear! They do not need to be preparing the wedding to put together a good session and immortalize their romance from all possible perspectives. Choose a photographer who fully understands your style, set aside the afternoon of a Saturday and dedicate yourself to enjoy yourself. When they see the result, they will realize that it was worth the experience.

22. Dancing very pegaditos (without caring the looks). Whether at home or on the street, stop, embrace and move to the rhythm of the music that you invent. Forget all those who see them and devote themselves to laugh, have a good session of love and repeat many times how much they love each other. Wow!

23. Massages for both. If they are experts in giving them, do it! Otherwise, we recommend that you schedule an appointment at a spa to be consented. There are many places that handle treatment packages for couples, and what better way to relax!

24. An ultra romantic picnic. Why not?! In Mexico there are countless places plagued by nature and open to the public. Set aside on a Saturday or Sunday to do it: prepare yourselves the food and everything you will need, pack everything you need to spend a dreamy afternoon and enjoy every second to the fullest! Yes, leave cell phones in the house and devote all the attention.

25. Surprise yourself with a gift Wow! Yes, if there is something true is that in a relationship you should never forget the details, and if you have already heard several times that your child wants something in particular, why do not you consent and buy it? Sure, he’ll have to do the same for you, so give him the right clues. Do not forget … It must be a surprise!

26. Get lost in classical music. Taking advantage of Spotify has an infinite number of playlists, get comfortable, open a bottle of wine and simply concentrate on enjoying the beauty that a classic piece has. Believe it or not, this type of activity will not only increase your level of culture, but it will also unite them much more!

27. See, just that! Have you ever looked closely at your partner’s eyes? Surely you have not realized the beauty that they hide when their pupils dilate when they see you. If it is true that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, what better than having a session of looks where absolutely everything is said.

28. Hidden love notes. The best of life is hidden in an ultra cheesy recap, is not it? Surprise your partner with hidden love notes: in his suit, in the bathroom, in the kitchen … Every corner is a luxury place to remind him that you love him. Of course, he also has to participate.

29. Dedicate yourself a song. It does not matter if you do not have the voice of Celine Dion or if he does not sing like an opera tenor, the goal is for them to choose a song that reveals everything they feel for the other person. If you want that moment to be the most special, sing in your ear!

30. Say “I love you” in another language. Seriously! There is nothing more romantic than listening to a phrase with so much meaning in another language … The effect is immediate! In Italian, French, German, Chinese … In the language you want! What is certain is that every day you have to remember it.

Do you have more ideas? Leave us a comment! We want to know you and know what other experiences are important.

12 things that a couple must do in the first year to have a strong relationship

Although we do not belong to this generation of young people who are closer to a screen than to a person, it is increasingly common for personal relationships to be short because we do not have time, because what started well was over due to social networks or because we simply prefer that social company that makes us feel close to someone no matter how far away he is.

Think about your other relationships, how many lasted, and how many things you did or did to make it a strong bond. How good it is to try as many times as necessary or also what you should take into account to let go is a loving stage in which not everything is working .

Today, being in a relationship for a year is considered an important achievement and although we all have different ways of fostering romance every day, there are definitely some things that each couple must do before the celebration of their first anniversary.

Go on a trip

Today, the opportunities to leave the city are increasingly more at hand, so it does not matter if it is abroad or a magical town in our country, or if the trip lasts for weeks or just a weekend, breathing other airs, walking through other streets and sleeping under another sky is a great opportunity to get to know each other as they are.

Enter a new family

You want it or not, after about 6 or 7 months it’s time to meet the other family, either to finally formalize the relationship or because that family party arrived to which it is impossible not to be accompanied, especially because you want the another person is with you in those intimate moments.

Change your perspective

On any subject, because being in a relationship you are aware that you must be tolerant of many things such as tastes, preferences, ideals, etc., which over time leads to a broader picture regarding your cultural landscape.

Increase your friendships
It is practically impossible to have a relationship and your new love does not know your friends in the first months, so it is better to think that your circle will grow and that being against to live with friends is not recommended, and who know, maybe in them you can find great allies so that your relationship can be saved from any pothole.

Meet and learn unexpected things
like cooking to give a detail, extreme sports, authors who had never heard, records that you thought you would not like, songs you listen carefully, etc …

Choose a series and do not see a chapter without the other.
Few activities like this unite them in such a way, because they have something intangible that they can share and at the same time, although they rarely realize it, they are within a commitment, albeit superficial, that you should take seriously; It’s like having a date on a certain day, at a specific time, whatever happens, they can not miss.

Share your favorite songs

Discover things in sex
With each couple the sexual experiences change, it is like entering a new world of which you already know the way but the destiny is always uncertain. So, you will always have another opportunity to try again that you tried once and you did not like it and find out if that opinion is final. In addition to that, having an open mind to try different things makes confidence grow stronger.

Have at least a serious fight
It’s horrible but that moment has to come because the more they know each other, they discover things they do not like about each other, so a fight is the best solution to discuss it and deal with it if they want to stay together, for it is that moment in which they realize how much defects or differences matter.

Plan adventures that no one has had
Sharing dreams begins to be common when they have already gone through the previous points, so maybe materializing things that you had thought you would live only remains behind to dare to have these follies be two.

Read a book together
Do not start with your favorite authors, but let it be a book that interests both of you and go up the step little by little until you get now, to endearing writers. They can even borrow books and then talk about the experience they had the first time they read it for that magical moment to complement.

Have as much sex as possible
It is common that when love starts and they have already given way to intimacy, being in bed is the only thing they can think about and that’s fine, because as time goes by, those moments of rapturous passion they are going to be spaced out, so to take advantage of time together, whatever lasts will be a great decision.

12 things a couple can do after they get married to have a strong relationship

They’re already married, they went on their honeymoon and they came back, and now what’s next? The ceremony, the party and the trip were incredible, but if we see it very coldly, they are only ceremonial acts and in reality the meaning of marriage will be given to you by the rest of your days. It sounds easy when we think of sharing the best moments with our partner under one roof , but there will also be bad spells; Surely there will be moments when you ask yourself if you have made the right decision and that you can not even tolerate seeing his face.

They are things that happen and we can not avoid them, and not only in the life of married, but in any relationship of couple. If you decided to take that big step, it must be for many very important reasons, so it would be worth it day by day to feed those reasons and enjoy the trip as much as possible. Love does not just live for man, many things are required to make a relationship work , and if we talk about marriage, it may require double. I know, it does not sound romantic at all, but think about it this way, if you truly love that person, it’s the love of your life and you want to be with it to the end, then it would be worth considering, right? That’s why we put together 12 things that you and your partner could do to make your relationship succeed, do you dare to try?

Do not stop traveling

It will not only serve you to rest from the hustle and bustle of daily life; they will leave the routine, they will have a fun time, but above all, it is the perfect time to get back to know your partner and connect with her, fall in love once again and rekindle the flame. It’s just you two, so that time together will be very intimate and you can take advantage of it as if it were the first time.

Discuss finances and divide expenses

Financial crises can be the reason for endless discussions that, in the long run, could end up fracturing the relationship. This is arranged with organization and communication; Keep a log of your expenses and decide who will pay what things. Thus, the responsibility belongs to both of them and everyone will know perfectly if they are up to date with their payments. Every month check that blog and do accounts; set goals for the next and do not forget to save.

Divide household chores

The fact that they live in a clean and pleasant place for both also has a lot to do with their mood and the dynamics of their relationship, believe it or not. During the week they could apply the shifts to wash the dishes, cook or lay the bed, and on the weekend, decide who will do what and roll the activities every eight days. Not only will they have a cleaner home, but in some strange way, doing these kinds of things together also nurtures their relationship.

Do not stop having romantic dates

Sometimes the custom can make us forget the small details, one of them is to have dates with our partner. Certainly, the dynamic is now different, and daily coexistence can make us forget some things. Do not fall into monotony and go out once or twice a week. You can plan a romantic date on a Friday night, or go on a weekend trip.

Never stop talking

Starting with lines as simple as ‘how’s your day?’ These types of questions show interest and generate a bond with your partner. Talk about everything, the climate, the work, your relationship and your existential problems. Your partner is also your confidant and surely one of the reasons why they decided to get married is because of the incredible conversations they may have, so invest in them and look for a moment of the day to talk at ease with your partner.

Do not be disrespected

I know, it seems obvious, but sometimes in the smallest details we are disrespectful and we do not realize the damage we could be doing. If you are in a bad mood, avoid giving bad answers and breathe better and count to ten. If something does not seem right, look for a good time to talk about it, but do not put it on your face rudely. Not to mention insults, blackmail and offensive gestures, those are out of the question and you should not use them for anything in the world. Remember that when they lose respect, they can hardly recover it.

Celebrate your successes

When we have some triumph, the first thing we want to do is run into the arms of our partner to tell them, or not? We should share that emotion and be happy for them as much as if they were our achievements. If it is important for your partner to win a football match or get a better position in your job, the fact that you are there to support him and cheer him up can motivate him more than anything else in the world.

Do not lose the desire

Remember how hard it could be to have sex with your partner when you were younger? Now that they live together, they should not miss a single day without showing how much they want each other, even if they do not end up in bed. We all want to feel wanted by our partner, there is no better feeling than that, so do not lose it and use it to the fullest. That time, work, children or whatever, are not the pretext to take away at least half an hour of valuable and delicious pleasure. This will unite them more and their relationship will be stronger.

Do not forget the compliments

And this does not only mean recognizing when your partner looks very well; It is also considered a compliment to tell you how delicious your breakfast was or to thank you for preparing your lunch for work. Recognize those small details in the other is an incentive to continue doing the things that make you feel good, plus you make your partner feel valued, and that has no price.

Always focus on the positive

We find it easier to complain about the things we do not like or that are going wrong, but the truth is that this does not always lead to anything good, unless they say it in a constructive way and always looking for a solution. But the most important thing is always to focus on the good things, both your partner and the life they have together, because if they are only thinking about the negative, the only thing they will achieve is to get fed up very quickly, and you do not want that , or if?

Do not get too comfortable

It is incredible that there is trust in a relationship and being able to be ourselves 100% with our partner; however, it may happen that on the road we forget the small details because we feel that the conquest is over, that we neglect our physique because we are sure that they will love us as it is (which may be true, but can also be understood as disinterest), or that we leave the door open when we go to the bathroom (or other things even more unpleasant). Caring for these aspects also indicate respect and interest for our partner and do not involve the greatest effort.

Plan some activity together

May their life together not be summarized in breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Plan an activity that is only yours and that you both enjoy, such as going for a jog in the morning, reading on the terrace on Sundays, or taking classroom dance classes. What you prefer, but without knowing it will also be watering the little plant of your marriage that with care and dedication, will not fail to bear fruit.

The thing does not end once they say ‘yes’ on the altar; If you have already invested so much time and effort in building your relationship for so many years, this should not be the time to slow down and let things happen on your own. For a marriage to work, they just need the willingness to do it and maybe make some adjustments so that everything can go well. Finding the love of your life was not easy, so now that you have it, fight for it until the end.

10 things that every woman should do before getting married

Your life can be as perfect as you want it, seriously! That is why, in order for you to get the most out of your existence, it is essential that you take into account these 10 things that every woman should do before getting married. Believe us, in this list you will find endless possibilities to add flavor to your life. We know that weddings are beautiful, but your life alone would have to be the same or more beautiful. Take note!

  1. Travel alone

Wherever it is! The joke is that you are able to survive without the help of any boy. Being in full coexistence with yourself will give you a lot of security and, therefore, your personality will conquer even more. It is essential that you can enjoy your company alone, know yourself, know what you like, what scares you and how you visualize your life. As in everything, this is a survival test. Do you dare to do it?

  1. Know who you are

For many girls having a wedding is a fundamental part of their existence, and if that is part of your life plan … Congratulations! In any case it is important that you visualize your existence in this world and that you realize what it is that you intend to leave to the world. You put the limits yourself, so experimentation is open to conquer your senses. You can excel academically, take risks in your personal life, get out of your comfort zone and face a different perspective of the world. Everything, absolutely everything, counts.

  1. Set your great goals in life

Yes, as well as your wedding you can dedicate a lifetime of planning, it is also important that you are a little selfish and think of all those dreams that you still have to conquer. Sure there will be some that you want to carry out with your partner, but we are sure that in that list there are also hidden objectives that can not wait any longer. It is not about generating crazy ideas, but about eliminating your own limits and venturing to explore life once and for all. Remember … First you are!

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  1. Live alone (at least for a while)

If you want to know yourself, understand yourself and know how to react to all kinds of situations, there is no better way to do it than living alone. This experience is unparalleled, and is that it is about leaving your comfort zone to face your reality and find the resources with which you will get ahead. Many girls skip this step, but those who really dare to meet this challenge, understand that independence is the best that can exist in this universe. Cook, wash your clothes, lay your bed, pay the bills … It’s all part of a great experience.

  1. Close the sentimental circles

Before taking the big step towards the altar, please take the time to amend awkward situations with your former partners. It is vital that you take the time to talk with them or to forget them completely , as that of carrying around memories of the past will prevent you from enjoying your next married life to the fullest. If you want to clarify something specific, do it! If not, do not waste your time and focus on the love of your life.

  1. Fix things with your parents

Have you had problems with your parents or relatives? Fix them! So that you have a calm mind and a lot of peace, the best thing is to amend those misunderstandings that you have been carrying for many years. Remember … There is nothing uglier than having strange situations with those who have been the closest people to your life. If you want a lasting marriage, this step is basic to fulfill the objective. Take it into account!

  1. Cooking (the basics, at least)

In addition to fun, delicious! It is not necessary that you take specialized classes in cooking, but you do start experimenting with the ingredients that you have in your house. You can access hundreds of tutorials on the internet,where you will find many recipes for you to do and enjoy yourself. After a while you will be an expert!

  1. Understanding what true love is about

Forget about stories and fairy tales. It is important that you understand the true definition of love, and that thanks to it you know how to better appreciate your partner. Loving yourself is the first step to know what you are looking for in a boy, what you can offer the relationship and how you can make yourself happy to enjoy every second with your partner. Once you have understood this, you will know that codependence is not the best way out for lasting love. Do not forget to check the  30 things you must do with your partner at least once in your life .

  1. Design an exercise and diet routine

Beware! Before getting married, create awareness about how you are taking care of yourself and, if possible, make the necessary changes so that your life is different and you feel more energetic. The best thing is that, thanks to exercise and a good diet, you can forget about stress immediately, which will give you a better mood to fall in love even more.

  1. Know how to manage your finances

Stop spending on things you do not need, and better save. Take the time to know what percentages are what you can use, what are intended for purchases, for your home, for a future trip, etc. As soon as you have a better organization you will know how to take care of your money in an appropriate way. For your married life, this is an absolute must

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10 Best Cruise Lines for Couples

Romance and the cruise seem to go hand in hand, especially if you’ve seen any of the cruise line ads that show pictures of couples huddled in the bow at dusk, or sipping orange juice on their private terrace in bath robes, or even this one we have a hard time believing: spending time alone on a deserted beach with its mega ship anchored in the background. Despite the advertisements, cruises can be one of the most romantic vacation options, but choosing the right cruise line and, even more specifically, the right boat within the fleet, can be a challenge. You do not want the sunset to be tarnished by the crowd on the deck, the romance of a dinner for two murdered by children crying at the next table or a pleasant evening ruined by cabins crammed with minimal comforts. For our best choices, we analyze criteria that we consider universally romantic: boats that offer cabins with private balconies, excellent bathrooms and extra special amenities; options to eat; cozy corners and night places; and almost private spaces open terrace to relax during the day and observe the stars at night. Here are our favorite boats to celebrate or rekindle romance with your partner.

1. Princess Cruises

The best boats: Crown Princess, Emerald Princess and Ruby Princess

Why: The younger ships of the Princess Grand Class – Crown Princess, Princess Emerald and Princess Ruby – combine large and cozy boat options. Romance has always been the focus of the Love Boat line, but the small, unglamorous balconies and the larger size of their new real-class ships mean that older sisters still win in this category.

Sweet Excavations: Each one has the traditionally high percentage of suites and mini suites. The suites have a separate living room, large balconies and dressing rooms, and have benefits such as canapés at night, complimentary minibar configuration, laundry service, use of the thermal suite of the boat and dinner at a restaurant specializing in the night of the boarding But even the standard mini suite is charming and comfortable. In addition, the line is displaying its new luxury Princess bed linens through 2018. With double-padded mattresses, jacquard cotton bedding and soft duvets, you may be inspired to cuddle up in bed a little longer.

Romance on board: What could be more romantic than a night in “Movies Under the Stars”, reclining on padded loungers while snuggling under tartan wool blankets on the pool deck? Or for the quiet tete-a-tetes with your partner, try Adagio, a charming and private lounge on the upper terrace. During the day, we love The Sanctuary, a shady retreat (mostly), complete with waiter service, spa menu and massage service (a massage for couples is available).

Dinner for two: Open dining room (as well as traditional) available. But the most romantic option is the dining experience in the last dining room with balcony. For an additional fee, cruises can enjoy a lobster dinner with champagne and a course-by-course service. (Or take a romantic breakfast in your cabin). Only warning: your cabin should have a balcony. We also love the specialty restaurants on the boats. Request a sidewalk at Crown Grill, a steak and seafood restaurant with an open grill; Enjoy a multi-course meal at the Italian Sabatini; or share dishes with your partner in Share by Curtis Stone or The Salty Dog Gastropub. For a more casual option, try Vines, a wine and sushi bar. If chocolate is the aphrodisiac of your choice,

Disadvantage: while the luxury mini-suites are charming and comfortable, the outdoor balconies are anything but private.

2. Paul Gauguin Cruises

Best boat: Paul Gauguin

Why: Designed, built and decorated to sail all year round in the romantic South Pacific, the cozy Paul Gauguin with 332 passengers offers an air of tropical festivity. The meals are restaurant style, the staff is excellent and the boat is very inclusive (cocktails and other drinks are included in the cruise rates). But it is the remote and exuberant destinations of the island that really raise the level of the romantic nature of the trip.

Sweet Excavations: You know that this is a boat destined for couples when most of the cabins have a queen size bed and only a limited number can be divided into twins. According to the decoration that surrounds the boat, the cabins have a tropical inspiration. When boarding, it is possible that your cabin attendant has bathed the bathroom sink with red rose petals. Definitely book in advance so you can catch a balcony cabin. It’s not a trip to the South Pacific if you’re not on your balcony, savoring a coffee, while Bora Bora appears in plain sight. And just when life on board could not be better, suites and cabins in categories A and B have butler service.

Romance on board: Dance face to face with her melody to the rhythm of a singer at La Palette Lounge, or gaze at the sea or the stars from the privileged position of the lounge.

Dinner for two: for such a small boat, the selection of restaurants is excellent. L’Etoile, which offers French cuisine accented with Polynesian touches, is the main venue. Couples will appreciate the abundant tables for two and an attentive staff of waiters who will keep their glasses full of house wines and non-alcoholic beverages. Two informal places offer indoor and outdoor dinners, with dinner only reserved. And there is always room service for meals in bed or on your balcony.

Disadvantage: French Polynesia is a long trip from almost anywhere, so be prepared to endure hours on a plane before arriving at your luxurious destination.

3. Windstar Cruises

Best boat: Wind Surf

Why: Wind Surf is both a sailboat and a cruise, and presents a hybrid combination of cruise traditions (such as the crew show, organized shore excursions and multiple restaurants) and absolutely romantic views. With only 310 passengers, the atmosphere aboard the ship is relaxed (there are no seats for dinner) and its itineraries focus on the Caribbean, Mediterranean and Baltic ports that are often too small to attract massive ships.

Sweet Excavations: The Windstar cabins lack size and variety, they conform with style. The cabins offer decadently soft bedding, L’Occitane bath products and flat-screen TVs with DVD players. Most of the suites are simply two standard, open and joined cabins, but having two bathrooms is generally a blessing for marital bliss. For a splurge on a special occasion, reserve one of the two Bridge Suites, which feature separate living rooms and bedrooms, a whirlpool bath and a massage shower.

Romance on board: a favorite place, and it is extraordinarily quiet, it is found in the outdoor tables of the Wind Surf cigar bar; It is a great place to sit under the stars (or enjoy a quiet cocktail). If it’s too cold to sit outside, head to the inner section of the Compass Rose room to listen to some music before dinner while having a drink with your partner.

Dinner for two: for an informal dinner during the day, the glass-walled Veranda offers outdoor and indoor seating. It is adjacent to the grill and offers buffet rates and options from a menu. In the evening, enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner by the pool in Candles, try contemporary French-influenced dishes at Stella Bistro or dine at the main restaurant, Amphora, which offers local and creative cuisine.

Disadvantage: This boat is small and the cabins are close to the water, so in rough seas, you will definitely feel the movement of the ocean and maybe you will see the waves approaching your porthole. If you’re prone to seasickness, bad weather could kill the romance of a Windstar cruise ship.

4. Norwegian Cruise Line

The best boats: Norwegian Gem, Norwegian Jewel, Norwegian Pearl and Norwegian Jade

Why: Norwegian’s “Freestyle Dining” philosophy (passengers can dine without the hassle of assigned times and classmates in a variety of restaurants) is perfectly suited for table travelers for two. While the newest and largest ships in the line are full of instant action and endless entertainment in Las Vegas, we prefer your Jewel class for the right combination of romantic options and abundant activities.

Sweet Excavations: if you can afford it, the Haven suites (Penthouses, Courtyard, Owner’s Suites and Garden Villas) are the best for a romantic getaway. These suites are located away from the fray in a private access area of ​​the ship, and offer a number of special benefits, from access to an exclusive pool area (complete with padded loungers and whirlpool) to breakfast and lunch Only for VIP Cagney’s Steakhouse or Modern Churrascaria. Suites add separate living and sleeping areas, flat-screen TVs, butler service and elegant bathrooms, some with a spa bath in a panoramic window corner.

Romance on board: active couples can play a small individual basketball on the sports deck or compete with each other on the climbing wall; while those looking to relax together can hook sunbeds in the spa’s relaxation room or take a dip in the thalassotherapy pool. At night, cuddle up with your honey, cocktail in hand, in one of the luxurious sofas (in Norwegian Gem) or four-poster beds (in Norwegian Pearl) that serve as lounge chairs in the Bliss Ultra Lounge and Night Club; in Jewel and Jade, press Bar City to choose several bars and drink styles.

Dinner for two: Try dinner at Cagney’s, the steakhouse, and Le Bistro, a French restaurant.

Disadvantage: these mega ships are not exactly intimate, and you may have to queue for the dinner table for two if you do not eat at odd times or make reservations in advance

5. SeaDream Yacht Club

The best boats: SeaDream I and SeaDream II

Why: These almost identical 112-passenger yachts earn the ultimate romantic honors for sophisticated couples who want luxury (great meals and excellent service) in an informal environment. The boats are beautifully restored; eating is all you want; The cabins, although cozy, are equipped with everything you might need; And the service is outstanding, pleasant, attentive … and subtle. Rates include all inclusive, which means that tips and most drinks are included in your rate. Choose a warm weather itinerary if you want to spend time playing with the boat’s water toys offered from your marina on board.

Sweet Excavations: there are only four types of cabins. The most romantic is, of course, the Owner’s Suite (with a fabulous bathroom with windows); The Admiral suite has similar amenities but is somewhat smaller. The Commodore suites are basically two standard cabins together, in fact we prefer our standard accommodations. The standard 195-square-foot cabins feature separate living and sleeping areas, with a small but exquisitely equipped bathroom (huge shower for two with three shower heads). Add fine clothes and mattresses on the bed, high-tech flat-screen TVs, DVD and CD players, stocked mini-bars and plenty of storage space.

Romance on board: our favorite place for departures in the harbor at sunset time was on one of the Balinese beds on the highest deck. Hidden around the fireplace, they are built a little above the railing of the roof, which gives the feeling of floating on the water. (You can also reserve one for one night sleeping under the stars). We also loved the Top of the Yacht bar for an after dinner drink with live music.

Dinner for two: there are two main places. The Main Dining Salon (interior) feels like a restaurant in an elegant and small boutique hotel. But our favorite place was the Topside restaurant; It is an open-air open restaurant (covered, however, so shaded) and there are a handful of wonderful and private nooks.

Disadvantage: there are no cabins with balconies, but the open decks are so spacious and there are so many lovely corners that you will never miss them.

6. Celebrity Cruises

Best ship: Celebrity Solistice, Equinox, Eclipse, Silhouette, and Reflection

Why: Celebrity’s new ships are sophisticated and modern, and cater to couples on adult getaways, rather than vacationing families. In addition, there are plenty of onboard spaces tailored for groups of two people: from wine bars to multiple specialized restaurants, sun loungers in the double pool and lawn on the upper deck, ideal for a picnic.

Sweet Excavations:For a true splurge, suites vary in size from 300 to 1,636 square feet, with amenities such as separate living / dining areas, baby grand pianos, whirlpool tubs, and large balconies. For couples who enjoy the spa experience, Celebrity’s AquaClass cabins and suites create an oasis of calm on boisterous boats with massage shower heads, complimentary spa and body care products, and upgraded bedding. In addition, couples can look for more R & R with free use of the AquaSpa relaxation room and the Persian garden and the exclusive specialty restaurant, Blu. There is also good news for couples seeking a private retreat without breaking the bank: 85 percent of all cabins have private balconies.

Romance on board: it ‘s easy to rekindle romance with a picnic for two at the Lawn Club, a real grass lawn on the upper decks of the boats. Or hide in a corner of the Deck 4 wine bar or in the martini bar, and get a little drunk with your loved one; The Sunset Bar is ideal to enjoy the views. The pool deck and the Solarium for adults only also have cozy double hammocks and hammocks to snuggle in the sun.

Dinner for two: With so many top-notch restaurants on board, any table for two will serve a romantic evening. Our favorite for couples (and any other person, for that matter) is Murano, the exclusive Continental restaurant that offers tasting and a la carte menus. Indulge yourself and your partner with luxury dishes such as caviar, escargots, sweet cakes or foie gras. For a dinner with a view, dine early at the Tuscan Grille restaurant, an Italian steakhouse with a touch of wine.

The downside is that on-board dates are not cheap, whether you’re deranging wine glasses or fabulous cocktail creations, splurging on a specialty restaurant meal (Murano charges $ 45 per person) or reserving high class cabins.

7. Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Best boat: Seven Seas Explorer

Why: you can not go wrong with the “most luxurious boat ever built”, a boat with all the suites and balconies that offers personalized service, gourmet cuisine and the most comprehensive cruise rates of the main luxury lines. You do not have to worry about lovers’ fights for the price of shore excursions, the hotel you book before the cruise or the amount of drinks you order, everything is covered by your cruise fare.

Sweet Excavations: Make your choice! The smallest cabin in Explorer is a 219-square-foot suite with an 88-square-foot balcony and a marble bathroom. The largest is a whopping 2,917 square feet and features a luxurious bed with a $ 90,000 horsehair mattress and $ 60,000 bedding; a spa in the full cabin with private sauna, heated ceramic armchairs and unlimited spa treatments; and a 958 square foot balcony (with a hot tub, dining table and a variety of loungers) that wraps around the entire front of the boat. If you want to pamper yourself, but can not afford the best suite, know that all Penthouse suites and higher categories have butler service, upgraded toiletries and free use of iPads and iPods on board.

Romance on board: head to the beautiful spa and fitness area to get a little sweaty (personal training for two?) And then relax in the infinity pool at the bottom of the boat or on heated ceramic loungers. Or visit the Observation Lounge to enjoy 180 degree views during the day and cocktails and music at night. If you like to learn together, sign up for a cooking class at Culinary Arts Kitchen.

Dinner for two: it‘s easy to get a table for two on these boats, even at Compass Rose, the main dining room. And the food is excellent, without diminishing the quality of the specialized places to the main dining room. For the night, try the Pan-Asian Pacific Rim, the modern French Chartreuse or the Prime 7 steakhouse. You must make reservations for these popular places, but there is no fee.

Disadvantage: Because its prices include almost everything, Regent Seven Seas Cruises has some of the highest cruise rates in the industry.

8. Crystal Yacht Cruises

Best ship: Crystal Esprit

Why: if you want to try the great life, where you spend your days lounging on a sun lounger with a drink in your hand, swimming and snorkeling or touring the most yacht ports, Crystal Esprit beckons. The 62-passenger yacht is also incredibly high-tech, with Jet Skis and a three-person submersible; cabins loaded with cutting-edge technology; and even an outdoor flat screen TV for movies under the stars.

Sweet Excavations: Most of the cabins are identical and have a generous 280 square feet, so you will not feel like you are stumbling over your honey in a small boat. The rooms are equipped with hi-tech touches, such as the Soundbar speaker system, iPad to access the services of the boats and flat-screen TVs loaded with movies. Enjoy the services of a butler, a stocked minibar and a Krups coffee machine, a king-size bed and even a rain shower in a spacious bathroom. For a truly special vacation, hook up an owner’s on-board suite, which has separate living and sleeping areas and an egg-shaped bathtub in the bathroom.

Romance on board: most passengers are splashing in the water or enjoying free excursions during the day. If you’re on board, you’re likely to find yourself curled up in a Balinese bed or dipping your fingers in the pool. At night, watch a movie on the outdoor screen or have fun at The Cove, the boat lounge with live music and bar service.

Dinner for two: The elegant Yacht Club restaurant is the only place to dine on board. You will not have problems to hook a table for two and you will have many options with a regular menu and a special four-course menu every night. For total privacy, request room service from the Yacht Club menu and take the night to your cabin.

Disadvantage: Crystal Esprit offers itineraries in intensive ports, so if you are looking for days at sea, you will not find them. The yacht uses zodiacs to tender, with some wet landings, and rocks and rolls when it is not in protected waters. If you have mobility problems or are prone to seasickness, the romance could get lost instead of being in this small boat.

9. Azamara Club Cruises

Best ship: Azamara Journey and Azamara Quest

Why: Azamara offers two intimate twin ships and a destination approach, so you can bond with your loved one in new experiences and incredible adventures on land. The line will constantly provide you with opportunities for memorable nights of appointments with your after-dinner nights in cool places and cool places and the AzAmazing Evening Shoreside event on the complimentary night. The atmosphere on board is geared towards adults, so your vacation for two will not be interrupted by ungovernable carpet rats.

Sweet Excavations: The standard cabins are quite cozy, but the 46 suites offer more luxury and space for elbows. The most sought after are the Ocean and World Owner’s Suites, which dominate the projections of the cabin. Think of king-size beds, marble bathrooms and huge private balconies. If you both love spa life, book a Spa Suite, located near the spa facilities on the ship; The suite features in-room spa music, a soaking tub with shower and separate rain shower, a free night tour and a spa credit. Massage for couples, someone?

Romance on board: take your partner for a round with ballroom dancing in the Cabaret Lounge, or look for the green flash in the Sunset Bar, cocktail in hand. For the ultimate in romance, however, book the Nights package in private places. For one night, you’ll get the stern spa cover for yourself. A private butler will serve a candlelight dinner, float in the thalassotherapy pool while gazing at the stars, and then spend the night huddled on the canopied sofa, decorated in fine linen. Just be sure to put on the robe again when the butler comes to serve breakfast in the morning.

Dinner for two: tables for two are not hard to find in the main restaurant with open seats of Azamara, but for a more intimate meal, book at one of the specialty restaurants, the Prime C Steakhouse or the Italian Aqualina. The special event meals that should not be missed include a jazz brunch, the official barbecue with suckling pig and barbecue ribs and the White Night dinner served on the deck.

Disadvantage: if you like the nightlife on board, the options of Azamara are limited. The casino is small and the theater offers are unpredictable. You will not find a crowded nightclub or dancing until the wee hours of the morning.

10. Viking Ocean Cruises

Best boat: Viking Orion, Viking Star, Viking Sea, Viking Sky and Viking Sun

Why: with the beautiful sundecks and a huge Nordic-inspired spa, the four identical Viking Ocean boats are ideal for couples who love to relax … after a hard day’s sightseeing in the harbor. The approach of the line includes full itineraries, nights and nights in the port and includes trips to the coast. Well-equipped cabins, including Wi-Fi and wine with meals, several restaurants and a policy of not under 16 years seal the deal.

Sweet Excavations: It can not fail when each cabin has a balcony, well thought out touches, such as abundant exits and silent closing drawers, and bathrooms with heated floors. Upgrade to one of the 14 Explorer suites to see extensive galleries, separate living rooms and bedrooms, and bathtubs in the bathrooms. If nothing else but the best suits your partner, book the Owner’s Suite with your private sauna, dining area and bar, and the comfortable living room with stereo system.

Romance on board: during the day, relax in the large, glass-enclosed Greenhouse conservatory, glazed and bring your honey to tea for finger sandwiches and buns in the late afternoon. Or relax by the main all-weather pool, with retractable roof or infinity aft pool. A cold drink is never far away. At night, camp in Torshavn, dance, enjoy a cabaret show or take Armagnac in a dark corner.

Dinner for two: Manfredi’s delicious food will start on the night of the appointment in the right way. The Italian restaurant is free and offers an extensive Italian menu. Do not miss the daily specials and definitely save space for dessert (difficult though it may be). If your style is more informal, take a look at the World Cafe buffet sushi bar or the cured meats and the bacon and peas soup that is served at Mamsen’s restaurant.

Disadvantage: everything that runs in the port can leave you exhausted, with little energy for romance at the end of the day. Be sure to consider the relaxation time with your special person, but expect limited entertainment on board (day and night) and not the casino.

6 love tests to apply to your relationships

Loving relationships can be very confusing, but there are almost definitive warning signs.

The tests of love do not have to consist of things that we demand of the other to demonstrate to what extent he believes in the relationship. In any case, they can be understood as something much more constructive: a way of knowing, in an approximate way, if the affective bond that unites two people is strong or if, on the contrary, what holds a couple together has nothing to do with it. see with that

Next we will see a proposal of list of tests of love so that, all fair, they can be used in the day to day. What it is about is to observe the relationship of couple and stop to consider if between two people there are emotions that make us think of a shared and exciting project.

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An aid to know if it is true love

Love is always complicated , but we can do something simpler. Specifically, we have several options to know, in a rough way, when a relationship has a solid foundation and when it does not.

And there are many ways in which a relationship can be created in which the bond is weak or almost non-existent. Let’s think, for example, of the little assertive people who are afraid to say no not to displease the other. When a relationship begins, it is possible that despite the fact that love is not reciprocated, it is not possible to face the decision of not giving false hope.

Another example we have in the manipulative people who start dating someone for interest. In these cases, the relationship is based on someone who tries by all means that the other becomes practically addicted to the relationship, and for this uses falsehoods and deceptions that fuel the emotional blackmail .

Finally, something much simpler can also happen: that love ends but the routine and habits linked to the relationship continue to be perpetuated. In these cases you can get to confuse the feeling for the other with the fear of ending a whole lifestyle.

Love tests to assess the strength of couple relationships

To detect these undesirable situations as soon as possible, and in the absence of couples therapy, there is nothing like resorting to some tests of love.

1. Does not mind showing infatuation to others

There are many people who are very reluctant to show their feelings of tenderness to friends or other family members, but that does not mean that it can not change in some situation. And … if being with the couple is not enough excuse to show the most affective side before others, what is?

At first it is hard to get carried away and offer clear signs of affection to the other person if there are more people watching, but after all, the pleasure of sharing those moments should compensate for that discomfort that others see us with different eyes. Expressing feelings is not a crime.

2. Shows a fair attitude

Many people believe that love tests consist of doing all kinds of mimes on their own initiative, from taking breakfast to bed to letting the other person always choose the restaurant to dine at. However, this does not have to be so, and in fact it is perfectly consistent with the behavior of a manipulative person or a couple who feels guilty and “exchanges” those small sacrifices for times when they fall into infidelity.

On the other hand, one of the best tests of love is to combine those mimes with moments in which he communicates assertively what his own interests are. After all, a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife is not a child, and treating the other as if he were a minor means denying his status as an adult and responsible person. In those cases, an illusion is being lived.

3. Invest effort in listening

One of the situations in which it is most noticeable if the relationship is based on love and empathy is in conversations. It is at these times when the only thing we should attend to is the other’s point of view. Not his physical contact or his livelihoods, but his words and speech. To speak face to face means to open a little window to the mental world of the other , it means active listening .

So, conversations and situations of face-to-face dialogue are one of the best tests of love: if there is an interest in the mental characteristics of our partner, it shows in our attitude, our nonverbal language, and the presence or lack of impatience for him to finish speaking. Looking at this regularly is very useful, although we must bear in mind that fatigue can also create distractions not caused by lack of love.

4. Open conversations regularly

What do we do when we love someone passionately? At a minimum, think about that person very often. And, in these times, a good way to intuit how often that happens is the number of conversations by phone and social networks that our partner initiates.

Excesses are always bad, of course, and being constantly sending messages indicates that something is wrong (possibly jealousy or distrust), but the relative absence of attempts to contact during the time that is not in the same place is reason to ask if everything is fine. Which brings us to the next point.

5. Ask how you feel

A relationship is not simply a plot of life in which to invest time and resources. It is also a place to which we are going to pay attention to the other, to see to what extent we can be of help. That’s why something as simple as asking “how do you feel?” It is such a powerful tool and, on the other hand, a sign of love.

6. It’s easy to apologize

Even in the most perfect pairs errors abound. That is why, when they appear on the part of the other person, it is good to notice if he apologizes, and the way he does it. Ultimately, if pride outweighs the desire for the other to feel better , something fails in that relationship.