Your life can be as perfect as you want it, seriously! That is why, in order for you to get the most out of your existence, it is essential that you take into account these 10 things that every woman should do before getting married. Believe us, in this list you will find endless possibilities to add flavor to your life. We know that weddings are beautiful, but your life alone would have to be the same or more beautiful. Take note!

  1. Travel alone

Wherever it is! The joke is that you are able to survive without the help of any boy. Being in full coexistence with yourself will give you a lot of security and, therefore, your personality will conquer even more. It is essential that you can enjoy your company alone, know yourself, know what you like, what scares you and how you visualize your life. As in everything, this is a survival test. Do you dare to do it?

  1. Know who you are

For many girls having a wedding is a fundamental part of their existence, and if that is part of your life plan … Congratulations! In any case it is important that you visualize your existence in this world and that you realize what it is that you intend to leave to the world. You put the limits yourself, so experimentation is open to conquer your senses. You can excel academically, take risks in your personal life, get out of your comfort zone and face a different perspective of the world. Everything, absolutely everything, counts.

  1. Set your great goals in life

Yes, as well as your wedding you can dedicate a lifetime of planning, it is also important that you are a little selfish and think of all those dreams that you still have to conquer. Sure there will be some that you want to carry out with your partner, but we are sure that in that list there are also hidden objectives that can not wait any longer. It is not about generating crazy ideas, but about eliminating your own limits and venturing to explore life once and for all. Remember … First you are!

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  1. Live alone (at least for a while)

If you want to know yourself, understand yourself and know how to react to all kinds of situations, there is no better way to do it than living alone. This experience is unparalleled, and is that it is about leaving your comfort zone to face your reality and find the resources with which you will get ahead. Many girls skip this step, but those who really dare to meet this challenge, understand that independence is the best that can exist in this universe. Cook, wash your clothes, lay your bed, pay the bills … It’s all part of a great experience.

  1. Close the sentimental circles

Before taking the big step towards the altar, please take the time to amend awkward situations with your former partners. It is vital that you take the time to talk with them or to forget them completely , as that of carrying around memories of the past will prevent you from enjoying your next married life to the fullest. If you want to clarify something specific, do it! If not, do not waste your time and focus on the love of your life.

  1. Fix things with your parents

Have you had problems with your parents or relatives? Fix them! So that you have a calm mind and a lot of peace, the best thing is to amend those misunderstandings that you have been carrying for many years. Remember … There is nothing uglier than having strange situations with those who have been the closest people to your life. If you want a lasting marriage, this step is basic to fulfill the objective. Take it into account!

  1. Cooking (the basics, at least)

In addition to fun, delicious! It is not necessary that you take specialized classes in cooking, but you do start experimenting with the ingredients that you have in your house. You can access hundreds of tutorials on the internet,where you will find many recipes for you to do and enjoy yourself. After a while you will be an expert!

  1. Understanding what true love is about

Forget about stories and fairy tales. It is important that you understand the true definition of love, and that thanks to it you know how to better appreciate your partner. Loving yourself is the first step to know what you are looking for in a boy, what you can offer the relationship and how you can make yourself happy to enjoy every second with your partner. Once you have understood this, you will know that codependence is not the best way out for lasting love. Do not forget to check the  30 things you must do with your partner at least once in your life .

  1. Design an exercise and diet routine

Beware! Before getting married, create awareness about how you are taking care of yourself and, if possible, make the necessary changes so that your life is different and you feel more energetic. The best thing is that, thanks to exercise and a good diet, you can forget about stress immediately, which will give you a better mood to fall in love even more.

  1. Know how to manage your finances

Stop spending on things you do not need, and better save. Take the time to know what percentages are what you can use, what are intended for purchases, for your home, for a future trip, etc. As soon as you have a better organization you will know how to take care of your money in an appropriate way. For your married life, this is an absolute must

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