They’re already married, they went on their honeymoon and they came back, and now what’s next? The ceremony, the party and the trip were incredible, but if we see it very coldly, they are only ceremonial acts and in reality the meaning of marriage will be given to you by the rest of your days. It sounds easy when we think of sharing the best moments with our partner under one roof , but there will also be bad spells; Surely there will be moments when you ask yourself if you have made the right decision and that you can not even tolerate seeing his face.

They are things that happen and we can not avoid them, and not only in the life of married, but in any relationship of couple. If you decided to take that big step, it must be for many very important reasons, so it would be worth it day by day to feed those reasons and enjoy the trip as much as possible. Love does not just live for man, many things are required to make a relationship work , and if we talk about marriage, it may require double. I know, it does not sound romantic at all, but think about it this way, if you truly love that person, it’s the love of your life and you want to be with it to the end, then it would be worth considering, right? That’s why we put together 12 things that you and your partner could do to make your relationship succeed, do you dare to try?

Do not stop traveling

It will not only serve you to rest from the hustle and bustle of daily life; they will leave the routine, they will have a fun time, but above all, it is the perfect time to get back to know your partner and connect with her, fall in love once again and rekindle the flame. It’s just you two, so that time together will be very intimate and you can take advantage of it as if it were the first time.

Discuss finances and divide expenses

Financial crises can be the reason for endless discussions that, in the long run, could end up fracturing the relationship. This is arranged with organization and communication; Keep a log of your expenses and decide who will pay what things. Thus, the responsibility belongs to both of them and everyone will know perfectly if they are up to date with their payments. Every month check that blog and do accounts; set goals for the next and do not forget to save.

Divide household chores

The fact that they live in a clean and pleasant place for both also has a lot to do with their mood and the dynamics of their relationship, believe it or not. During the week they could apply the shifts to wash the dishes, cook or lay the bed, and on the weekend, decide who will do what and roll the activities every eight days. Not only will they have a cleaner home, but in some strange way, doing these kinds of things together also nurtures their relationship.

Do not stop having romantic dates

Sometimes the custom can make us forget the small details, one of them is to have dates with our partner. Certainly, the dynamic is now different, and daily coexistence can make us forget some things. Do not fall into monotony and go out once or twice a week. You can plan a romantic date on a Friday night, or go on a weekend trip.

Never stop talking

Starting with lines as simple as ‘how’s your day?’ These types of questions show interest and generate a bond with your partner. Talk about everything, the climate, the work, your relationship and your existential problems. Your partner is also your confidant and surely one of the reasons why they decided to get married is because of the incredible conversations they may have, so invest in them and look for a moment of the day to talk at ease with your partner.

Do not be disrespected

I know, it seems obvious, but sometimes in the smallest details we are disrespectful and we do not realize the damage we could be doing. If you are in a bad mood, avoid giving bad answers and breathe better and count to ten. If something does not seem right, look for a good time to talk about it, but do not put it on your face rudely. Not to mention insults, blackmail and offensive gestures, those are out of the question and you should not use them for anything in the world. Remember that when they lose respect, they can hardly recover it.

Celebrate your successes

When we have some triumph, the first thing we want to do is run into the arms of our partner to tell them, or not? We should share that emotion and be happy for them as much as if they were our achievements. If it is important for your partner to win a football match or get a better position in your job, the fact that you are there to support him and cheer him up can motivate him more than anything else in the world.

Do not lose the desire

Remember how hard it could be to have sex with your partner when you were younger? Now that they live together, they should not miss a single day without showing how much they want each other, even if they do not end up in bed. We all want to feel wanted by our partner, there is no better feeling than that, so do not lose it and use it to the fullest. That time, work, children or whatever, are not the pretext to take away at least half an hour of valuable and delicious pleasure. This will unite them more and their relationship will be stronger.

Do not forget the compliments

And this does not only mean recognizing when your partner looks very well; It is also considered a compliment to tell you how delicious your breakfast was or to thank you for preparing your lunch for work. Recognize those small details in the other is an incentive to continue doing the things that make you feel good, plus you make your partner feel valued, and that has no price.

Always focus on the positive

We find it easier to complain about the things we do not like or that are going wrong, but the truth is that this does not always lead to anything good, unless they say it in a constructive way and always looking for a solution. But the most important thing is always to focus on the good things, both your partner and the life they have together, because if they are only thinking about the negative, the only thing they will achieve is to get fed up very quickly, and you do not want that , or if?

Do not get too comfortable

It is incredible that there is trust in a relationship and being able to be ourselves 100% with our partner; however, it may happen that on the road we forget the small details because we feel that the conquest is over, that we neglect our physique because we are sure that they will love us as it is (which may be true, but can also be understood as disinterest), or that we leave the door open when we go to the bathroom (or other things even more unpleasant). Caring for these aspects also indicate respect and interest for our partner and do not involve the greatest effort.

Plan some activity together

May their life together not be summarized in breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Plan an activity that is only yours and that you both enjoy, such as going for a jog in the morning, reading on the terrace on Sundays, or taking classroom dance classes. What you prefer, but without knowing it will also be watering the little plant of your marriage that with care and dedication, will not fail to bear fruit.

The thing does not end once they say ‘yes’ on the altar; If you have already invested so much time and effort in building your relationship for so many years, this should not be the time to slow down and let things happen on your own. For a marriage to work, they just need the willingness to do it and maybe make some adjustments so that everything can go well. Finding the love of your life was not easy, so now that you have it, fight for it until the end.