Although we do not belong to this generation of young people who are closer to a screen than to a person, it is increasingly common for personal relationships to be short because we do not have time, because what started well was over due to social networks or because we simply prefer that social company that makes us feel close to someone no matter how far away he is.

Think about your other relationships, how many lasted, and how many things you did or did to make it a strong bond. How good it is to try as many times as necessary or also what you should take into account to let go is a loving stage in which not everything is working .

Today, being in a relationship for a year is considered an important achievement and although we all have different ways of fostering romance every day, there are definitely some things that each couple must do before the celebration of their first anniversary.

Go on a trip

Today, the opportunities to leave the city are increasingly more at hand, so it does not matter if it is abroad or a magical town in our country, or if the trip lasts for weeks or just a weekend, breathing other airs, walking through other streets and sleeping under another sky is a great opportunity to get to know each other as they are.

Enter a new family

You want it or not, after about 6 or 7 months it’s time to meet the other family, either to finally formalize the relationship or because that family party arrived to which it is impossible not to be accompanied, especially because you want the another person is with you in those intimate moments.

Change your perspective

On any subject, because being in a relationship you are aware that you must be tolerant of many things such as tastes, preferences, ideals, etc., which over time leads to a broader picture regarding your cultural landscape.

Increase your friendships
It is practically impossible to have a relationship and your new love does not know your friends in the first months, so it is better to think that your circle will grow and that being against to live with friends is not recommended, and who know, maybe in them you can find great allies so that your relationship can be saved from any pothole.

Meet and learn unexpected things
like cooking to give a detail, extreme sports, authors who had never heard, records that you thought you would not like, songs you listen carefully, etc …

Choose a series and do not see a chapter without the other.
Few activities like this unite them in such a way, because they have something intangible that they can share and at the same time, although they rarely realize it, they are within a commitment, albeit superficial, that you should take seriously; It’s like having a date on a certain day, at a specific time, whatever happens, they can not miss.

Share your favorite songs

Discover things in sex
With each couple the sexual experiences change, it is like entering a new world of which you already know the way but the destiny is always uncertain. So, you will always have another opportunity to try again that you tried once and you did not like it and find out if that opinion is final. In addition to that, having an open mind to try different things makes confidence grow stronger.

Have at least a serious fight
It’s horrible but that moment has to come because the more they know each other, they discover things they do not like about each other, so a fight is the best solution to discuss it and deal with it if they want to stay together, for it is that moment in which they realize how much defects or differences matter.

Plan adventures that no one has had
Sharing dreams begins to be common when they have already gone through the previous points, so maybe materializing things that you had thought you would live only remains behind to dare to have these follies be two.

Read a book together
Do not start with your favorite authors, but let it be a book that interests both of you and go up the step little by little until you get now, to endearing writers. They can even borrow books and then talk about the experience they had the first time they read it for that magical moment to complement.

Have as much sex as possible
It is common that when love starts and they have already given way to intimacy, being in bed is the only thing they can think about and that’s fine, because as time goes by, those moments of rapturous passion they are going to be spaced out, so to take advantage of time together, whatever lasts will be a great decision.