We want to break the mold and that’s why we tell you what are the 30 things you should do with your partner now!

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Now that you are living the best love story in the world, it is time for you to reflect on all those things that you have shared with the love of your life. It is normal that, when falling into routine, the unique experiences are forgotten or go to the background; However, this day we want to break the mold and that is why we tell you what are the 30 things you must do with your partner at least once in your life. You will all love it!

1. Cooking together. This experience is, without doubt, one of the most enriching your relationship. At the moment of combining ingredients they will enter a fun, delicious and full of contrasting flavors. Take a recipe you like, open a bottle of wine and … cooking has been said!

2. Talk all night. It is super common that, when you are barely knowing your partner, there is nothing more beautiful than spending a whole night to talk, get to know each other and tell each other the funniest experiences of your life. You will love it!

3. Go on a trip. Set aside a weekend to visit a small town or an enigmatic destination, it is essential! The coexistence and the desire to know the traditions of another place will cause them to build precious memories about their relationship. Try it!

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4. Eat in bed. Yes! After a day of work or multiple responsibilities, the best way to relax is hidden in a pizza and the comfort of your bed or yours. Forget the disaster they will do and focus on enjoying that romantic and casual meal.

5. Read the same book. Although it seems the most ñoño of history, sharing the experience of reading will not only increase their levels of culture, but will allow them to meet at another level. Once they have finished, set aside an afternoon to discuss it and listen to their opinions. It will be the best!

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6. Do a marathon of your favorite series. With all the digital facilities that there are to watch television, all they need is to choose a new series that they die to see and allocate an hour every day to follow it. Of course, it is not worth seeing chapters separately … They have to be together!

7. Go to museum tour. Culture is fundamental in a relationship, as is sharing experiences with that person you love. To make your union stronger every second, set aside one Saturday morning to go to the historic center (or another destination) and visit the museums or exhibitions that you like the most. They will be able to finish their afternoon with a delicious coffee.

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8. Tell your most intimate secrets. As you well know, in a relationship trust is paramount. If there is still something your boy does not know, tell him! This will help them break down barriers and get to know each other more deeply.

 9. Walk and kiss in the rain. As if it were a Hollywood movie, this experience is one of the favorites of all brides. There is no more: the environment is perfect in itself.

 10. Dress the same, at least one day. Copying the style among you is a great and very fun idea. In addition, they will captivate the eyes of those who see them in the street. Nor need to fall into ridicule, only in those details that make them similar. Discover the 20 things you can do to make you and your husband the best friends 

11. Exercise together. Couples who go to the gym or do some daily routine, have better benefits in their health and their relationship. You can share a very special and super healthy moment.

 12. Take a long trip. What do we mean? Plan a trip to some distant destination and let them die to know: Greece, Italy, London, a tour of Europe … There is no limit! Make budgets, choose the hotels and take lots of photos!

13. Participate in altruistic or community activities. Do you know of any initiative that supports unprotected people? Join! Sharing your love with other people will make them grow, mature and experience new ways of union among you.

14. A super elegant dinner in a restaurant that you do not know. Do not worry about the expense you are going to make, and better focus on trying delicious dishes, flirty drinks and admire an atmosphere completely foreign to yours.

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 15. See a sunrise. The dawn is the perfect setting to show your love, in full harmony with nature. Definitely, they have to do it! Take note of the 10 things that every woman should do before getting married 

16. Have a pet. If you do not want to buy, adopt a puppy! There is no better experience than having the perfect company of such a special animal. They will never regret this decision. Take note of the 8 reasons that will convince you that getting married young is the best thing in the world .

17. A day without technology. At least choose a day to forget about work, cell phone and Facebook. Concentrate only on enjoying yourself, relaxing and living without pressure.

18. Night walks. Feel protected walking hand in hand with the love of your life. Forget for a second of the car and let the romanticism of the night envelop your magical love story.

19.Give yourself flowers. So, as a surprise, choose a day to surprise your boy with a flower arrangement at work. Believe it or not, men are fascinated by this type of romantic surprises.

20. Take a course together … Whatever! Do you like art? Do you love wine? Do you want to speak another language? Anything that comes to mind is good, as long as they do it together. There is nothing better!

21. Take some beautiful photos. Clear! They do not need to be preparing the wedding to put together a good session and immortalize their romance from all possible perspectives. Choose a photographer who fully understands your style, set aside the afternoon of a Saturday and dedicate yourself to enjoy yourself. When they see the result, they will realize that it was worth the experience.

22. Dancing very pegaditos (without caring the looks). Whether at home or on the street, stop, embrace and move to the rhythm of the music that you invent. Forget all those who see them and devote themselves to laugh, have a good session of love and repeat many times how much they love each other. Wow!

23. Massages for both. If they are experts in giving them, do it! Otherwise, we recommend that you schedule an appointment at a spa to be consented. There are many places that handle treatment packages for couples, and what better way to relax!

24. An ultra romantic picnic. Why not?! In Mexico there are countless places plagued by nature and open to the public. Set aside on a Saturday or Sunday to do it: prepare yourselves the food and everything you will need, pack everything you need to spend a dreamy afternoon and enjoy every second to the fullest! Yes, leave cell phones in the house and devote all the attention.

25. Surprise yourself with a gift Wow! Yes, if there is something true is that in a relationship you should never forget the details, and if you have already heard several times that your child wants something in particular, why do not you consent and buy it? Sure, he’ll have to do the same for you, so give him the right clues. Do not forget … It must be a surprise!

26. Get lost in classical music. Taking advantage of Spotify has an infinite number of playlists, get comfortable, open a bottle of wine and simply concentrate on enjoying the beauty that a classic piece has. Believe it or not, this type of activity will not only increase your level of culture, but it will also unite them much more!

27. See, just that! Have you ever looked closely at your partner’s eyes? Surely you have not realized the beauty that they hide when their pupils dilate when they see you. If it is true that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, what better than having a session of looks where absolutely everything is said.

28. Hidden love notes. The best of life is hidden in an ultra cheesy recap, is not it? Surprise your partner with hidden love notes: in his suit, in the bathroom, in the kitchen … Every corner is a luxury place to remind him that you love him. Of course, he also has to participate.

29. Dedicate yourself a song. It does not matter if you do not have the voice of Celine Dion or if he does not sing like an opera tenor, the goal is for them to choose a song that reveals everything they feel for the other person. If you want that moment to be the most special, sing in your ear!

30. Say “I love you” in another language. Seriously! There is nothing more romantic than listening to a phrase with so much meaning in another language … The effect is immediate! In Italian, French, German, Chinese … In the language you want! What is certain is that every day you have to remember it.

Do you have more ideas? Leave us a comment! We want to know you and know what other experiences are important.